Welcome Teachers!

CHOSS is an incredible place not only for the students who come here, but the teachers as well. It's a chance to get out of the classroom and to see your students grow in new and exciting ways. It's also a chance to take a break from the everyday routine and maybe pick up some tricks for the classroom. We know the tremendous amount of energy you expend throughout the school year. Once you arrive we take the students from you and provide structured, safe supervision every moment of the day. You are an integral part of the CHOSS experience, not only for your students, but for our Instructors as well. You know your students much better than we do, and can provide insightful leadership and support throughout the week. We hope to make this experience as enjoyable and stress free for you as possible whether it's your first or tenth visit to CHOSS. We will guide you through the entire process from the time you sign up, through preparations, curriculum selections and finally make sure you and your students' visit is safe, comfortable, fun and educational.

CHOSS Facilities



Teacher Accommodations

Camp Highland Outdoor Science School is nestled on 900 private acres at Highland Springs Resort, a California Historic Landmark, in the chaparral foothills near peaceful Cherry Valley, California. At an elevation of 2900 Feet, we are surrounded by San Jacinto and San Gorgonio, the two highest mountains in Southern California. Click the image above to download a map of the resort property.

Camp Highland Outdoor Science School, through its affiliation with Highland Springs Resort and the acclaimed The Grand Oak Steakhouse, have an experienced kitchen team preparing high quality meals. Vegetarians, allergies, and other diet concerns can all be accommodated with advance notice. Though your menu will vary, click on the image above to download a typical menu at CHOSS.

Teachers stay in rooms at Highland Springs Resort. Each room is furnished differently and could include either; two single beds, two double beds or one single and one double bed or one king/queen size bed. Each room has free wireless internet access, and a standard bathroom. CHOSS provides 2 complimentary rooms for teachers from each school and the rooms are subject to availability. Additional rooms are available upon request and are subject to an additional charge. Visit the resort website at




A guideline of what we expect from visiting school teachers and level of participation in activities.

Arrival Day

Teachers in Classes

We encourage teachers to be involved in CHOSS functions. We feel that your week here should be a positive experience for both students and teachers. Instructors will invite you to participate in activities, so do not be surprised if you are canoeing, rock climbing or team building with your students. Our only request is that you help maintain positive student behavior and comply with safety standards set by our staff.

Infirmary Duty

On the occasion that a student becomes ill and is checked into the infirmary for any length of time, including an overnight period, an accompanying teacher will be expected to stay in the infirmary to help supervise the child. This may include sleeping overnight in the infirmary. This allows the CHOSS Medic to easily respond to other illnesses or emergencies in CHOSS without leaving the student in the infirmary unsupervised.

Dining Room Supervision

Meals are regularly the most hectic time of the day, so your help here is especially appreciated. Teachers will be expected to be on time to Breakfast and Dinner and to supervise a table by themselves if necessary. Once in the dining hall, please help us out by following these rules:


- An adult must be at each table. Students will be assigned a table at each meal ensuring that they have the opportunity to meet and talk to different students, possibly from other schools. At times, we may have fewer adults than tables in the dining hall. We ask that you keep an eye on adjacent tables without an adult.

- Students may not get up from the table without your permission. Reasons they may need to get up are for food, to see the Medic, or to go to the restroom.

- Encourage the students at your table to make wise food choices, and hold them accountable for eating what they take before going back for more.

- Students getting up from the table for seconds on food may go one at a time.

- If a student must use the restroom during the meal, they must go with a buddy.

- If a student needs to use the restroom after seconds is over, you must accompany them.

We will be awaiting your arrival at 10:30 am on the first day of your program. We have staff meetings, inservices and work projects on these days, so if you arrive a good deal of time before this we are often not ready for you. If you know you will be much earlier or later than 10:30 am, please let us know and we will adjust our schedule to fit yours.


Once you arrive at CHOSS, please know exactly how many students you have with you. The Instructors will take the students off of the busses and on a brief orientation tour followed by a discussion of the rules and expectations at CHOSS. During this time the teachers will meet with the CHOSS Directors to discuss details of the coming week. Please have all of your paperwork and payment ready at this time, so we can prepare an invoice for you. We'll give you a teacher packet for the week, including the week's schedule and an evaluation form for you to fill out. After this, we will move you into your rooms and then it is off to the dining hall for lunch. You will have two meetings in the afternoon with our Instructors, and the week is on its way!

Departure Day

We'll have a brief meeting on the morning of the last day to discuss how the week went and your thoughts on the program, Instructors, and students. Please arrange to have your busses here on the last day of the program no later than 10:00 am, so we can have them loaded up and ready for a 10:30 am departure. If you want to have lunch in the dining hall on the last day, please have your busses here no later than 11:00 am so we can load them up for an 11:45 departure time.

Number of Teachers

At least one of the adults attending CHOSS must be a certified teacher employed by the school in attendance. One adult chaperone must attend CHOSS for every 30 students. If you plan on leaving CHOSS property for a short time during your visit, please bring a cellular phone or pager so we can reach you in case of an emergency.

Teacher Accommodations

CHOSS has arranged for Highland Springs Resort to provide two complimentary resort rooms for teachers during the program dates based on room availability and current cleaning schedules. Rooms will include at least two beds, a private bathroom, heating and air conditioning, and a telephone. Beds include sheets, blankets, and pillows, so you don't need to bring a sleeping bag. For any additional rooms there will be a charge of $75.00 per night for each room. Please note on your Program Request Form if you need extra rooms.


Teacher Forms

Program Request Form is due one month (30 days) before your arrival so that we have ample time to prepare for your program needs. It is very important we receive this form 30 days in advance of your arrival date. You can fax, e-mail or send these in to us, but please make sure they are in on time. These forms are in the appendix of your School Packet or may be downloaded below.

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