Our Mission

To provide innovative educational opportunities that will awaken individual potential, cultivate a consciousness of community, while inspiring wonder and encouraging compassion for the diversity of our world. Our goal is to become the undisputed and premiere outdoor education program in Southern California.

Power outages... high gas prices... smog... The evidence is all around; each day our decisions have an effect on the people around us and on the Earth as a whole. For decades, environmentalists have spoke of the importance of "treading lightly" on the land in order to preserve the natural beauty around us. In the past few years, this message has reached the mainstream out of necessity. The plight of the rain forests, the cutting of landmark trees for lumber, the decrease in air quality, and the pollution of our rivers and streams has found its way to the front page of newspapers and magazines, as top news stories on nightly telecasts, and even on the big screen with popular movies such as "A Civil Action" and "Erin Brockovich."


During the past several years, environmental issues have been put at the forefront of people's consciousness, in particular our current and future sources of energy. Gas prices are soaring. Open spaces are shrinking.


As adults around the globe struggle to find solutions for current crises, children from all over Southern California are finding their own solutions at Camp Highland Outdoor Science School. Students analyze their daily decisions to see how they can help one another succeed as future stewards of the Earth. Lessons are learned on our trails, where we discuss the importance of our natural resources to the natural world around us and to our own communities. Lessons are learned in the cabins where we discover ways to conserve water and energy. Lessons are even learned in the dining hall where we learn that energy can be saved by not taking more food than we will eat.


With each activity, we find that by making responsible decisions in our lives the solutions to global issues needn't be so overwhelming.


Think globally. Act locally.


More important than knowing how to make responsible choice is knowing why to make the responsible choice. At Camp Highland Outdoor Science School, we help build a consciousness of community. Our instructors focus on treating one another respectfully and working together to accomplish goals. At our adventure activities, students discover how much can be accomplished with effective communication skills. Living together in our cabins, students realize the impact that their actions have on others. Every component of CHOSS is a learning experience.


It's this simple - if I never try anything,

I never learn anything - if I never take a risk,

I stay where I am.


- High Prather


We work closely with attending schools in an attempt to provide the most beneficial experience for their students. Before attending, each school selects adventure activities and an academic focus that best fits their program. Academically, we provide our students with a unique learning experience. Through exploration and discovery, students are able to find out more about the things that interest them. Learning is guided by our trained instructors, who attempt to provide the truest extension of the classroom possible.


At CHOSS, students find new ways to succeed academically and socially, as they explore the world outside of them and the one within.